Island Pacific Energy
Hawaii's Certified Tesla Powerwall Battery Installer

Tesla Powerwall storage batteries paired with solar panels provide renewable energy to your home, allowing you to take control over your electricity costs.

High Electric Bill? Better Get Solar.

Tax credits for solar are scheduled to decrease next year. With Island Pacific Energy's limited special financing options you own your solar energy system on your home with no money down. If you're thinking about going solar, now is a great time!

Back up power for your home

The Tesla Powerwall home battery is a sleek, rechargeable battery that helps decrease your dependency on the grid by storing solar energy.

Home Power.png

Tesla Powerwall battery backup system will keep your power on even when the grid goes down.

Tesla Powerwall Battery.png

The small, sleek design makes it easy to mount in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Home Recharge with Solar.png

Tesla home battery system recharges via solar panels, providing energy for days.

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Tesla Powerwall solar panel batteries are easy to install and blend seamlessly with your home.


Tesla Powerwall Battery
Power with peace of mind.

Easy, compact, and connected. Tesla Powerwall solar panel battery stores energy so you can use it later. It works with solar panels to provide backup power to your home when the grid goes down.