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Own Your Solar 

$0 Money Down

Better Energy. Better Value.
Island Pacific Energy

The energy you need, the savings you want

Are you overpaying for electricity? Due to high electric costs, you may feel "guilty" about running your air conditioner. Relax!


Island Pacific Energy helps homeowners realize solar is a wise investment.


Our full-service solar company exceeds industry standards with every project.


Our mission is to make customers happy while saving money and reducing their environmental impact.

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Hawaii's Award-Winning Solar Company

Island Pacific Energy prioritizes excellent customer service and the installation of high-quality systems at reasonable prices.

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Experienced, Knowledgeable, Mindful.

As Hawaii's solar experts, Island Pacific Energy will help you save on owning your solar energy system.

Residential Services

Revolutionizing the Way We Power Hawaii


Island Pacific Energy builds cleaner, smarter solar communities rooftop by rooftop. Island Pacific Energy can customize your residential solar and storage system, provide the equipment, and install it. We're all you need to convert your home to sustainable energy to save money by reducing your environmental impact.

When you choose Island Pacific Energy for your solar needs, you get:


A qualified, friendly staff | Locally-owned business | First-rate goods | Competitive prices & creative financing options | Top-notch installs | Warranty excellence | Construction expertise | Excellent customer service |  Installers with specialized training

High Electric Bill? Better Get Solar.

Making Clean Energy Accessible


Solar tax credits are scheduled to decrease next year. Island Pacific Energy's limited special financing options allow you to own solar on your home with NO money down. If you're thinking about going solar, now is a great time! Let Island Pacific Energy guide you through the process.

Benefits of Going Solar.


Save Money

A home solar system significantly reduces energy costs allowing you to save money.

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Stop Relying on the Grid

A home solar system eliminates the need for unreliable traditional power sources.

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Increase Property Value

A home solar system increases the value of your property if you ever sell it. 

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Protect the Environment

A home solar system is an eco-friendly way to improve your home's energy efficiency.

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Going Solar Made Simple

Island Pacific Energy is your one-stop shop for solar energy


When you choose Island Pacific Energy, we install your solar system in 10 steps. Throughout the process, Island Pacific Energy notifies you of key milestones in the installation of your system to ensure your satisfaction.

  1. Investigation - Your Island Pacific Energy Account Executive discusses solar power options for your home.

  2. Analysis - Your Island Pacific Energy Account Executive analyzes your home's information to determine the best photovoltaic solar energy system.

  3. Financing - Island Pacific Energy provides customized financing options. Your Account Executive can recommend money-saving possibilities.

  4. Design - Island Pacific Energy's engineers design your system, including layout and electrical diagrams, based on location, shading, electric usage, roof area, etc.

  5. Pre-construction - Island Pacific Energy procures equipment, submits building permits, and completes utility interconnection agreements once you approve the system design.

  6. Construction - Island Pacific Energy coordinates the Solar photovoltaic system installation. Construction takes 1-2 days.

  7. Certification - After construction, the system is verified and tested, and the local utility is notified.

  8. Operation - After testing, permitting, and interconnections, you start producing power.

  9. Review - Your Island Pacific Energy Account Executive reviews the system, provides manuals, warranties, guarantees, and answers questions.

  10. Maintenance - Island Pacific Energy will inspect and clean your PV system for free over the next year to ensure peak performance.

Island Pacific Energy solar panels can save you money. Island Pacific Energy offers free, no-obligation solar proposals. Call 808-377-4570.

Let's Talk Solar

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