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What Our Customers Are 


“We don’t just like Island Pacific Energy. We LOVE Island Pacific Energy. We chose them (also) because of their impressive list of customers: Punahou School, Chaminade University, East West Center at UH, Hawaiian Electric and their fabulous sales representative Nicole. Nikki Has the best interpersonal skills of all the contractors we’ve dealt with in our thirty-plus years of home improvement projects.

What also impresses us was how concerned their electricians were with aesthetics when doing the connections. They offered a couple of options to minimize the visual impact of the connecting tubing. PV installation is a major investment. We are 200% satisfied with Island Pacific Energy. We made the right choice.”

Betty B.
Hauula, HI


“The entire staff – Dan D’Antin (sales), the installers and the office personnel were fantastic to work with.  The price was right and compared more than favorably with all other PV companies I researched and interviewed.  What was most impressive was how they encouraged me to compare their products, cost and service with the others in a side by side comparison.  They advised me to have all the quotes out on the table anytime I met with any PV company.  The installation was fast, neat and very professional.  I’m very satisfied with Island Pacific Energy and recommended them to all my co-workers.”

Garry D.
Pearl City, HI

“We’re delighted with our solar panels by Island Pacific Energy, LLC. The entire team was professional and personable throughout the installation and Eric helped us through the post inspections and permit closure of the entire project. We really enjoy producing more than we consume. If you’re looking for a great solar system, we highly recommend them to you.”

Kenrock H.
Honolulu, HI


“I have never experienced greater customer service than with Island Pacific Energy.  My family and I decided that we wanted a second PV system for our home (we have a duplex with an ohana unit that is metered separately).  Unfortunately, by the time we had made that decision, it was later in the fall last year, and other companies were unable to take new installation orders.  With the change in the tax credit rules, it was critical for us to have a system in place by the end of the year.  Island Pacific Energy said they couldn’t make any promises, but WOW, did they deliver. Consultation, design, and installation (which was completed in a day), was done quickly and professionally, and our system was energized before the end of the year.  Our system was also designed beautifully to blend with our first system (even though the panels were from a different manufacturer).  Eric Yasunaga (VP of Sales) was extremely responsive and always took the time to answer our questions and keep us informed throughout the process.  Island Pacific Energy provided an unparalleled level of personal service that we truly appreciated.  We give them our highest recommendation (which we do not do often).  Thank you so much, Joe, Eric, and the rest of the Island Pacific Energy team!”

Duke O.
Honolulu, HI

“First off, they are the best of all of the companies I interviewed. I was given straight forward answers to all of my questions concerning the equipment used, the warranties they offered, and the price. I was impressed with all the people who came to work on the installation, all professional as I expected. I am a difficult person to please concerning work done for my family and myself. A big Mahalo to Eric for all his help and now they have another friend. Can’t get any better.”

Quentin C.
Honolulu, HI


“Island Pacific Energy did an outstanding job putting up my photovoltaic installation. Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about every part of the process and dealing with the Hawaii Electric Company. I got the Net Energy Meter installed within two weeks after the project was done. When ever I had a question about the project I was always connected within a few hours by Eric with a follow up to my question. I can highly recommend this company.”

Paul N.
Kaneohe, HI

“I decided to go with Island Pacific Energy after having met with five other PV installers shortly after we purchased our home last year. Out of all of them, IPE was the only Company who consistently followed up and did a great job of explaining everything.

The price was only a little bit higher than the competition, but the service and professionalism of the staff more than made up for it.  Tyler and the rest of the team did a great job, and saved me a bunch of time with their advice on the NEM application process with HECO, and as a result, I didn’t have to wait at all – system was active and generating net credits for me the same day as it was installed.  (and I’m in a 75%+ PV saturation neighborhood too)

My only minor suggestion is they did not clearly communicate the requirements for installing the monitoring device in advance of the install day (the box that allows you to view the status of the system through the internet – doesn’t affect the generation). Fortunately, I had a long enough ethernet cable available to reach from the nearest AC plug in the house to the back of my router. I see there’s a wireless version of the monitoring device available now, so perhaps future customers will get the upgraded version.

Highly recommended!!”

Honolulu, HI


“Going with Island Pacific Energy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! From start to finish, every step was explained in great detail and executed very professionally. The entire crew performed their duties with the utmost care and respect. I was very impressed with the post installation follow-up. Not only did I receive a folder with all my information neatly tucked inside, but also received a flashdrive with all information on it! I would definitely tell anyone who is even “thinking” about solar to give Island Pacific Energy a call. If you have any concerns, you certainly won’t, after talking with Island Pacific Energy!”

Margaret S.
Honolulu, HI

“If any of these bullet points meet your requirements, then you are a phone call away to a WOW experience with Island Pacific Energy.  WHY, because my experience in compass the following characteristics important to my purchase:

1 – Knowledge about the PV system and purchase
2 – Interity
3 – Honest
4 – Helpful
5 – Great follow up – before and after installation
6 – Always doing the right thing
7 – Addresses any issue in timely manner
8 – Customer service outstanding
9 – IT factor – it’s about the customer not them
10 – Keeps you abreast throughout the entire install process
11 – Communication a top priority with IPE

The entire process is the WOW factor. I highly recommend IPE. Make the call. You will not regret it.”

Richard K.
Mililani, HI


“IPE’s service was truly outstanding! Their coordination w/ HECO was seamless. PV systems are a big investment, so finding a company which has integrity and dependability is crucial. I’ve been recommending IPE to all my friends w/o any hesitation. Joe and Eric are fabulous!

Corinne W.
Honolulu, HI



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About Us

Island Pacific Energy is the pioneer in the development of solar energy systems in the State of Hawai‘i and the first to complete a power purchase agreement to a non-profit/government entity in Hawai‘i. Island Pacific Energy owns, operates and maintains solar energy systems across Hawai‘i. The solar energy systems owned and operated by Island Pacific Energy generate millions of kWh of clean renewable energy for the people of Hawai‘i each year. Island Pacific Energy is proud of our contribution towards our State’s goal of 70% of Hawai‘i’s energy needs met with clean energy by 2030.

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